Before construction starts, there are a few steps that need to be undertaken. Whether that would be a home or a high-rise office building, the preparation of the shallow foundation is arguably the most important aspect of construction.

At Quinn Developments, we offer groundwork services. This includes a variety of tasks that we can perform in advance of construction. From landscaping and ground investigation to site clearances and substructure works – we are true groundworks specialists at Quinn Developments.

Quinn Developments is a family-operated company established in 2012 by owner Peter Quinn, who has over 15 years of experience as a groundwork contractor. Not only do we exceed customer satisfaction ratings, but we are also gaining an enviable reputation which we are immensely proud of and strive to maintain.


Our engineers surveying the ground before groundworks

What is Groundworks?

Groundworks are the foundations upon which all construction projects are built. Without a solid foundation, a building can quickly become unstable and unsafe. As such, groundworks must be carried out correctly.

The first step in any groundwork is to survey the site and assess the existing conditions. From there, a detailed plan can be created outlining the scope of work required. The next step is to excavate the site and prepare the base for construction. This may involve removing existing trees and vegetation, as well as levelling the ground.

Once the site is prepared, construction can begin. Groundworks are essential in ensuring that a project is completed safely and on schedule. Without a strong foundation, even the most impressive buildings can quickly crumble. Here at Quinn Developments, we provide extensive groundwork services.

Groundwork Contractors: Our Groundwork Services

Groundwork is the first step that needs to be undertaken before the start of construction work – aside from demolition and other enabling works. We have a certain order we work in to ensure that all groundwork is correctly performed.

We provide extensive groundwork services to clients needing groundwork contractors in the North West. These services include but are not limited to the following;

  • Site investigations
  • Groundwork preparation
  • Landscape improvement
  • Road, path and railway construction
  • Plot draining
  • Installation of sewers and attenuation systems
  • Sewer diversions
  • Installation of foundations required for construction
  • Installation of utilities
  • Substructure development

To provide you with a more significant understanding of the groundwork services we provide for companies that require groundwork contractors, we have delved into our comprehensive groundwork routine below.


Ground Investigation

The initial work carried out will likely be a ground investigation. All groundwork contractors must carry this out as it is a legal requirement. During a ground investigation, we look for the presence of faults or any potential pitfalls that could lead to issues during construction.

We mostly look for the water table level and water flow, the thickness of the ground layers, ground contaminations and the soil type.  We use a variety of techniques to examine the soil. For example, we can excavate trenches in order to gain a sample from the soil.  This is a technique also used in the process of investigating the grounds conditions, and if previous buildings have affected it.


Site Clearance

Once the ground investigation is done, we move on to the next phase: site clearance. Considered part of the initial preparatory works – we clear the site and take the topsoil from the structure.

The topsoil is the upper layer of the soil with the most organisms such as plants grow. We remove the topsoil before construction works start to stop the organic matter from settling into the foundation of the building, which will affect the whole structure of the building.



Also considered an integral part of the work of groundwork contractors. We prepare for construction by inserting steel bars into the slope face, add ground anchors and the incorporation of Geo-synthetic materials.


Drainage Services

Drainage is an important part of the groundwork. We drain water from the earth to lower the water table, leading to a stable foundation to build upon.

We also remove surface water from paved areas – and discharge them to a local lake or river. However, few drainage schemes are installed as designed. Here at Quinn Developments, we will identify any issues before starting on site and create contingencies to allow work to progress on schedule.



After construction has been finished, we can offer services that are also considered part of the groundwork. Landscaping is one of those. This service is suited for residential gardens, both back and front. We also complete landscaping projects for large State and commercially-owned properties covering many acres of land.

We offer a complete landscaping service, from surveying the land that needs to be scaped to designing a landscape digitally that matches your wishes – and turning these designs into reality.


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How Long Will It Take You to Complete My Groundwork Project?

Without a thorough understanding of the task, it is difficult to precisely say how long our team will take to complete your groundwork project.

With this in mind, we would recommend giving us a call to discuss your project.  You could also arrange an on-site consultation.

In doing so, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and provide you with an estimate of how long it may take us to carry out your groundwork project.


We Have A Location With Variable Ground Conditions, is This an Issue?

Not for our teams, we have machinery equipped for all conditions, and before the project begins, we will have inspected the site and selected the most appropriate for your site’s needs.

Who Manages all the Work on my Site?

During your project, we will have a dedicated Site Manager overseeing all the daily tasks and reporting the progress to you.