Quinn Developments Ltd offers a pump station and dewatering system service in the Liverpool and Wirral area. Both systems are essential for warding off the threat of flooding. Before work begins our engineer visits your home or business to conduct an in-depth survey.

Pump station services in Liverpool and Wirral

Quinn Developments supply, install and service pump stations in the Liverpool and Wirral area. All work is carried out by an experienced drainage engineer who has gained many years worth of on-the-job experience in this area. Our team is backed up by our fleet of fully equipped service vehicles.

How a pump station works

A residential pump station is used to transport waste and surface water into an external sewer system. This is essential for homes where gravity flow is unavailable. The lack of gravity means waste and surface water will build up and eventually flood your home. Since a pump station is generally located below the sewer, a sufficient degree of pressure is required to transport effluent upwards into the central sewer system. Wastewater initially flows into the pump station and from here wastewater is pumped upwards into the external sewer system.

Pump station experts you can depend on

At Quinn Developments, our drainage engineers are able to design, install, maintain and repair your pump station. We provide a one-stop port-of-call for all your pump station needs. Our engineers are qualified to work in confined spaces and deal with problems such as blockages and flooding if your pump station malfunctions.

The importance of regular pump station maintenance

If your pump station fails, wastewater is unable to escape into the sewer. This may lead to costly flooding of your property. A build-up of wastewater also presents a risk to human health. It is thus essential to regularly service your pump station, particularly when the station is more than five years’ old.

About our dewatering system service

A dewatering system is also known as a ‘groundwater control system’. Groundwater is water existing below the surface of the earth. This water is contained in soil pores. When soil is dug up for the purposes of establishing a trench, this water is released from the soil, flooding the trench and preventing workers from carrying out repairs to the drain or sewer below. ‘Open cut’ excavation is particularly vulnerable to the effects of groundwater. Our dewatering systems remedy this problem by expelling all groundwater from the dig site. Dewatering aims to dry out excavated land so work may continue uninterrupted.

Quinn Developments is a preferred dewatering contractor in the North West of England. Our dewatering technology is comprised of wells and sumps. Water is constantly pumped away from the excavation site thus providing a safe water-free environment for workers to conducted their business.

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