Sewer Connections

Quinn Developments Ltd offers a local sewer connection work service in the Liverpool area. Our drainage engineers provide a seamless link between the external sewer system and your property’s waste/surface water drain pipe.

Quinn Developments provides a sewer connection service you can rely on. The service is tailored to the needs of water companies, property developers, private drain companies, local authorities, public sewers, and residential property owners in the Wirral and Liverpool area.

Here at Quinn Developments Ltd, our drainage engineers are experts when it comes to sewer maintenance and repair. Our engineers have gained many years’ experience in this specialist field. Our engineers are ‘ street works accredited’ and able to work within tightly confined spaces located deep underground.

Many of engineers have completed a ‘City & Guilds’ qualifications for working in confined spaces. We are also an ‘approved contractor’ for sewer connection work taking place on council-controlled public highways throughout the North West of England.

How we install your sewer connection

A number of techniques exist when it comes to installing your drain-to-sewer connection. The method we use largely depends on the infrastructure of the building concerned.

Our admin team conducts all local authority applications on your behalf, including Highway Licences and permits to excavate the land. We obtain United Utilities‘ written permission as per its official requirements.

Deep Sewer Renovations

Quinn Developments Ltd offers a deep sewer renovation service in the North West of England. Before sewer renovation takes place our engineer conducts a thorough CCTV inspection of the sewer’s inner section.

We use 360-degree panorama CCTV inspection equipment.  Common problems within the sewer discovered during a CCTV inspection include structural defects and wall collapse. In some instances, the sewers may require a man-entry survey, although the majority of the time a CCTV survey suffices.

Offering a modern ‘no-dig’ solution

Sewer defects are common and likely due to aging, weathering, or root intrusion. Sewer renovation is a fairly un-intrusive procedure, thankfully due to a range of modern ‘no dig’ technologies now available. A report is compiled using the latest WinCam software based on the CCTV footage.

This report details the location, cause, and extent of the problem. The report also outlines steps our engineers must take in order to rectify issues with the sewer.

A cost-effective solution

The most common form of sewer renovation is re-lining and re-patching. Both technologies are by far the least intrusive options available and therefore preferred to excavation where possible.

Re-lining and re-patching both avoid the costly need to dig up surrounding land. Re-lining and re-patching are known as ‘trenchless’ technologies because no trench is needed to renovate the sewer below.

Traditional ‘trench-based’ renovation requires an engineer to dig up your land and thus disturb objects located above the sewer, generally at a considerable cost to the property owner.

Contact our sewer connection contractors today

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Sewer connection contractors FAQ’s

How much does a sewer connection cost?

Sewer connection costs can vary due to the many different variables involved. Contact our friendly team today for a no obligation quote.

How are public sewer connections installed?

There are a number of ways a sewer connection contractor may choose to instal a sewer connection depending on factors such as the current infrastructure of the sewer.