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Blocked Drains Wirral

blocked drains wirralA blocked drain can happen to virtually everybody. We have all seen it before: a vicious smell surrounding your house? It is most likely a drainage issue.

A blocked drain causes your waste water to stop draining away properly – which causes a whole mess and of course the sulphur smell that inevitably comes with it. It is important you call in an expert as soon as possible in order to clean it up. Luckily, at Quinn Developments, we offer a Blocked Drains Wirral Service. We can be at your property within a short span of time.

What Causes a Blocked Drain? 

There is a variety of issues that could lead to Blocked Drains Wirral. If your drain is situated outdoors, then it could likely be the tree roots or an accumulation of leaves blocking your drains. If you notice that the drainage time in your toilet is becoming slower and slower over time, you could call us for a drain inspection as that indicates that there are roots blocking your drains. If the issue had been spotted early – the matter can be rectified quite easily. However – in some cases a drain relining will be needed in order to remove all traces of a root intrusion into your drains.

If your drains is situated indoors, it could foreign objects flushed down the toilet or a blocked kitchen drain. A blocked kitchen drain is often the result of cooking fat finding its way to your drain and clogging it in the process.

How We Can Help You with Blocked Drains Wirral

Our experienced team of engineers will be able to come to your property in a short time. Normally, we would request access to your drainage for several hours in order to fix the issue, but in reality, it will take less time than that.

We start off by locating the issue of the blocked drain. We do this by using drainage CCTV in order to pinpoint the problem. From there on out we can clear the drain through jetting, reline and repair your current drains, and in the worst-case scenario we are able to replace your drain for you.

At Quinn Development, we have been experts in fixing blocked drains for multiple decades now. Call us today if you would like to request more information about Blocked drains Wirral.

Blocked Drains Wirral FAQ: 

What are the most common causes of Blocked Drains? 

There are many common causes that lead to a blocked drain - after all, there are only so many things that you can really wash away through your drain. However, there are a few culprits that tend to be the cause of a blocked drain more often than not. 

  • Hair: Hair is a very common cause of blocked drain, as it can bind with grease which will lead to clog forming.
  • Soap: Traditional soap bars have a lot more grease in them than you think – in fact, most of traditional soap bars are made out of fat. Once the soap binds with the minerals in water, a certain residue named soap “scum” will form. This will then stain your pipes more often than not
  • Food: Seeds, oil and coffee grounds are three of the foods or food products that we tend to find more often than not. Oil can solidify quickly and lead to a clogged drain before you know it.  Coffee Grounds and Seeds are often solid and will stay in your drain before you know it.
  • Small objects: From cotton tipped swabs to childrens toys -  at Quinn Developments we have found an variety of objects down the drain.

How can I prevent Blocked Drains Wirral?

The main tactic to prevent a blocked drain, is simply to be careful. The kitchen sink is only meant to be for water- but milk or any other liquid that does not contain a high level of grease should be okay to flush down the drain. What could help , is putting a plug screen over the plughole of your kitchen sink. Put a plug screen over your plughole to prevent debris from going down the drain, and clean this regularly. A plug screen is useful for both bathroom and kitchen sinks – in kitchens, it will prevent food waste from clogging the drains, and in bathrooms, it will ensure that hair, soap and beauty products are caught before they enter your plumbing system.

Any more questions about Blocked Drains Wirral?

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