We offer sewer connections in the UK that you can rely on. Our fantastic drainage engineers can provide you with a flawless link between the external sewer system and your property’s surface water drainpipe.

Connecting into a sewer this way will ensure that waste or surface water will be channelled away from your property in a safe and effective way.
There are specific laws in place when connecting into a sewer to make sure the sewage system isn’t damaged; this is why it’s so crucial to use reputable sewer connection contractors North West like ourselves at Quinn Developments NW Ltd.

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Expert sewer connection contractors

Quinn Developments provides a sewer connection service you can rely on. The service is tailored to the needs of water companies, property developers, private drain companies, local authorities, public sewers, and residential property owners in the Wirral and Liverpool area.

In the UK, many properties rely on private systems to remove wastewater, however, these properties may benefit from establishing new sewer connections. One of the great advantages of direct sewer connections are that they’re far less prone to clogging than septic systems and they don’t need regularly pumping to remain effective.


Sewer connection application

If you’re looking at connecting to public sewers from your property’s drains, you’ll most likely have the right to do so. However, you’ll need to make a formal application for sewer connection to your local authority.

Within your application, you must include the location of your nearest sewer to connect to, the different types of sewer connections you may need, the contractor you have in mind to carry out these sewer connections, permissions to cross third party land (if required), and whether or not you’re planning on having the project completed in the next 6 months.

Whether you’re applying for indirect or direct sewer connections, you’ll need an application form featuring the above information as well as a location plan displaying the boundaries of existing properties and the proposed sewer route, evidence showing why soakaways can’t be used, and an approval fee.

Our admin team conduct all local authority applications on your behalf, including permits to excavate the land and Highway Licenses.


Sewer connection installation

When we look at domestic property’s, they’re most commonly connected by a foul sewer (connection of water from sinks, showers, baths, toilets, washing machines, etc) and a surface water sewer (connection of rainwater collected from roof areas or paved areas).
The technique we use when installing your drain to sewer connection largely depends on the infrastructure of the building in question. Direct sewer connections can be made to the public sewer by four primary methods; these are dependent on the size of the sewer and other individual circumstances.

 Sewer connection installation methods

There are four methods for connecting into existing sewers. Saddle connection, junction insertion, construction of a new manhole, and connection to an existing manhole.

Saddle connections are usually only permitted on existing concrete or brick sewers. The hole for the saddle is core drilled, then fixed to the existing sewer pipe.
A junction insertion is typically used for connecting a maximum of three properties to sewers of 300mm diameter or less; the inserted junction is joined to the existing sewer using flexible couplings. Manhole connections have specific guidelines, whether you’re connecting to a new manhole or existing manhole; all guidelines must be adhered to.

We’re able to offer a deep sewer renovation service where our engineer employs a thorough 360-degree CCTV inspection of the inner section of the sewer. This gives us the advantage of discovering common sewer problems such as structural defects or wall collapse in advance.
Of course, we still conduct man-entry surveys where required, although for the majority, our fantastic CCTV equipment gives us a more than sufficient survey. We can compile a report using the latest WinCam software based on this CCTV footage which allows us to carry out sewer renovations much less intrusively than they once were.
The cost of connecting to main sewer can vary as they’re so many variables involved in the project.

With a number of techniques for sewer connections to choose from, we’ll ensure that the most appropriate and most effective method is used for your project, considering the area’s existing infrastructure and any planned property development.

Offering a modern ‘no-dig’ solution

Sewer defects are common and likely due to aging, weathering, or root intrusion. Sewer renovation is a fairly un-intrusive procedure, thankfully due to a range of modern ‘no dig’ technologies now available. A report is compiled using the latest WinCam software based on the CCTV footage.

This report details the location, cause, and extent of the problem. The report also outlines steps our engineers must take in order to rectify issues with the sewer.

Cost-effective solution

Re-lining and re-patching both avoid the costly need to dig up surrounding land. Re-lining and re-patching are known as ‘trenchless’ technologies because no trench is needed to renovate the sewer below.

Traditional ‘trench-based’ renovation requires an engineer to dig up your land and thus disturb objects located above the sewer, generally at a considerable cost to the property owner.

Connecting into an existing sewer is exactly what we do. The difference between a direct and an indirect connection is that a direct connection is any connection made to any public sewer. However, an indirect connection is a connection to a private drain that goes into a public sewer.


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Do I need to get permission before connecting to the public sewer?

Before connecting to an existing public sewer, you do need to gain written permission. This can be done by completing a section 106 licence. If the sewer links works would be carried out on public roads or footpaths, you would also need a street works licence from your local council.

How much does it cost for sewer connection work?

There are many factors that could determine the cost of your sewer connection works, so to get an accurate quote, reach out to our friendly and professional team today on 0151 345 6551.

How long does sewer connection work usually take?

Similar to above, there are many factors that could determine the speed in which a particular project could take. Work could take as little as a few days or many weeks. Reach out to our team today for any questions you may have.

How are public sewer connections installed?

There are a number of ways a sewer connection contractor may choose to install a sewer connection depending on factors such as the current infrastructure of the sewer