From a market borough that exported wool, clothes and linens to Europe in the 16th Century to the vibrant city that we now know, Manchester’s landscape is continuously evolving.

Irrespective of whether you are developing new skyscrapers, houses, roads, paths or even railways, you will require the assistance of groundwork contractors in Manchester.

If you are searching for groundwork contractors to assist you, look no further. At Quinn Developments, we can ensure that your site is efficiently prepared for construction work to commence.


The Services We Provide to Companies That Require Groundwork Contractors in Manchester

At Quinn Developments, we provide extensive groundwork services to clients in need of groundwork contractors in Manchester and the North West. These services include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Site investigations
  • Groundwork preparation
  • Landscape improvement
  • Road, path and railway construction
  • Plot draining
  • Installation of sewers and attenuation systems
  • Sewer diversions
  • Installation of foundations required for construction
  • Installation of utilities
  • Substructure development

To provide you with a more significant understanding of the services we provide for companies that require groundwork contractors in Manchester, we have delved into our comprehensive groundwork routine below.

Site Investigation
Prior to carrying out any groundwork tasks, we will need to conduct a site investigation. Site investigations are a legal requirement regardless of the size of the task at hand.

Without conducting a site investigation, not only will we be unable to assist you, but we will be unable to determine the current state of your site.

As and when you are ready to arrange a site investigation, in addition to ensuring that your site is fit for purpose, we will discuss your groundwork needs in great detail with you.

We will also have the opportunity to determine the stability of your site and uncover whether any issues may arise as we fulfil our duties.

Although our team has the experience required to resolve any potential issues as and when they arise, it is best to ensure that we have a solid contingency plan in place to ensure that your project is completed as and when needed.

Upon conducting a site investigation and determining your needs, we will be able to provide you with a quote that will outline how long it will take us to complete your project and the cost of doing so.


Groundwork Preparation

Having conducted a thorough site investigation, if you are happy to take advantage of our services, we will begin to prepare your site for construction work.

Our groundwork preparation consists of clearing your site, demolishing any existing structures, conducting plot drainage and improving the overall landscape by removing any vegetation that may hinder your construction progress.

Upon preparing your groundwork, our team will conduct an additional site investigation to ensure that your site is level. If we find that your site is uneven, we will make any necessary changes.

Installation of Sewers and Attenuation Systems

Regardless of the infrastructure that will be developed on your site, it is likely that you will require sewers and an attenuation system before construction work commencing.

Having prepared your ground for site construction to commence, we will ensure that the correct systems are installed.

Installation of Construction Foundations

Having conducted a site investigation, prepared your site and installed sewers and any other required systems, we will lay the foundations needed to ensure that construction work can begin on your site.

As we complete each stage of your groundwork project, we will conduct additional examinations to ensure that your site remains safe and fit for purpose.

We will also provide you with regular updates so that you can remain confident that your groundwork requirements are being fulfilled within the time frame provided.


How Our Groundwork and Civil Engineering Services Come Hand in Hand

As you search to locate a groundwork contractor in Manchester, you may also require the services that a civil engineering contractor can provide.

If this resonates with you, you may be relieved to know that at Quinn Developments, our team can provide you with both groundwork and civil engineering services.

Groundwork and civil engineering come hand in hand. In order to fulfil civil engineering tasks, a groundwork contractor will have previously needed to ensure that land is fit for purpose and prepared. With this in mind, we have adopted a 360 approach that eliminates the need to search for separate groundwork contractors and civil engineers in Manchester.

Should you decide to take advantage of our civil engineering services, upon completing the required groundwork to ensure that your site is prepared for construction work to commence, our team will work with you to design, construct and maintain public, commercial and residential infrastructure.


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If you are looking for groundwork contractors in Manchester to fulfil your groundwork and civil engineering requirements, look no further.

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How Long Will It Take You to Complete My Groundwork Project?

Without a thorough understanding of the task at hand, it is difficult to say precisely how long it will take our team to complete your groundwork project.

With this in mind, we would recommend giving us a call to discuss your project.  You could also arrange an on-site consultation.

In doing so, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of your requirements and provide you with an estimate of how long it may take us to carry out your groundwork project.


We have a location with variable ground conditions, is this an issue?

Not for our teams, we have machinery equipped for all conditions, and prior to the project beginning, we will have inspected the site and selected the most appropriate for your site’s needs.

Who manages all the work on my site?

During your project, we will have a dedicated Site Manager overseeing all of the daily tasks and reporting the progress to you.