Prior to the 1980s, many builders constructed drains using lead water pipes. If your property is older than 30 years old, there is a good chance you will still be receiving water via a lead water pipe. This pipe travels from the street directly to your tap.

This is relatively bad news for your health and your family. Why? Because lead from the water pipe will mix with the water you drink. This means you are slowly poisoning yourself with lead. This is particularly a problem if you live in an area where water is considered ‘soft.’

Solving this problem

Quinn Developments specialises in replacing lead water pipes. We travel to your Wirral or Liverpool property and conduct a full CCTV drain survey. This survey tells our engineer whether your pipes are lead or not. If your pipes are confirmed to be lead-based, we then give you a quote before any replacement work begins.

If you accept our quote, we then re-schedule a convenient time to carry out the lead water pipe replacement work. Replacing your lead water pipe vastly decreases the amount of lead that’s contained in your drinking water. The full replacement job typically takes less than two working days to complete. This ensures the most minimal disruption to your everyday life and property.

All of our Wirral & Liverpool drainage engineers are fully qualified in all aspects of lead water pipe removal and replacement. All of our engineers are CHAS and NRSWA accredited. This means all of our team members can guarantee you the highest level of workmanship and safety standards possible.

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To enquire about our lead water pipe removal service, contact us today on 0151 345 6551. We cover all of the Merseyside area, including Liverpool and Wirral. Contact us today for speedy lead water pipe removal. We look forward to receiving your call on 0151 345 6551.