Quinn Developments Ltd offers a deep excavation repair service for Liverpool and Wirral property owners and local authorities. Deep excavation is required for drain or sewer repairs where engineers must dig up 15ft or more land in order to carry out repairs.

This procedure is commonly required for large structures such as large hotels and commercial office buildings. Deep excavation repairs the building’s broken drains without damaging the building’s foundation or disturbing utility cables.  Our employees have the qualifications and experience to undertake this sometimes complex procedure.

For all types of properties

Deep excavation is also applicable to residential properties where there exists several sewer connections entering the property within a relatively confined space. If the main drain pipe feeding the property suffers from damage such as root intrusion, fracturing or misaligned joints, deep excavation is required to rectify the problem whilst reducing the risk of disturbing neighboring pipes and utility cables.

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Deep excavation repairs is a fairly invasive procedure. This procedure requires specialist skills on behalf of the engineer. The engineer must ensure utility cables feeding gas or electricity are not disturbed during repairs. This is because utility cables are commonly laid within the same trench as the drain pipe. Disturbing the drain pipe incorrectly could cut off your home’s essential utilities and pose a danger to the worker’s life.  We use state of the art sonar tracing equipment to ensure the work is carried out as safely as possible.

We take care of all applications and permissions

If deep excavation repairs are carried out on privately owned property then there exists very little red tape. However, when deep excavation repairs take place on a public road or pavement our administrative team must first seek the permission of the local council and United Utilities. Since the excavation trench poses potential health and safety risks we take every precaution to safeguard our employees and the general public.

A thorough pre-dig survey

Before excavation is attempted a thorough inspection and survey is conducted by our drainage engineer. A CCTV inspection is carried out to determine the exact location and cause of the problem. Before excavation is considered our engineers first attempts a less invasive procedure such as manhole-to-manhole relining. Excavation becomes necessary when pipe joints or lateral connections are damaged. Here relining is not an option.

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