You know when your drains are in need of repair because your sink and/or toilet will not function correctly. This is typically accompanied by a foul odour in your home.

Thankfully Quinn Developments Ltd offers a drain repair service in the Liverpool and Wirral area. Drain problems are often due to a simple blockage due to the build-up of organic matter such as food, grease, human hair and skin within the drain pipe’s walls.

This is the ‘best scenario’ situation and drain jetting usually rectifies the matter. However, drain repairs may call for a more invasive procedure to rectify the problem such as drain renovation or excavation.

Pre-repair inspection

Before work begins our engineer first rules out more serious issues such as cracked drains or root intrusion. This diagnosis is achieved by using modern CCTV technology. A remotely controlled CCTV camera is inserted into your drains.

An engineer controls this camera remotely from a within his or her vehicle. Since this camera is mobile, our engineer directs the camera to the site of the problem is located. An appropriate solution is then possible since our engineer is able to say with certainty what exactly is causing the issue with your drains.


The dangers posed by faulty drains in Liverpool

When it comes to faulty drains it is essential you act fast. This is because wastewater is not correctly transferred to your outside sewer whilst drains remain broken. This, in turn, poses a risk to your family’s health.

If our engineer’s inspection reveals a breach in the drain’s walls, invasive action such as drain re-lining or replacement may be the appropriate solution. If a simple blockage is the cause of the fault, our engineer rectifies the problem using a combination of drain jetting and chemical un-blockers. If this does not rectify the issue a CCTV inspection is offered.


Finding the root cause of the problem

CCTV access allows our engineer to inspect the drain’s inners without digging up your land. The inspection reveals the exact location and cause of the problem, often within minutes.

If the problem is due to root intrusion or general pipe damage, our engineer offers a ‘no-dig’ solution such as pipe relining or re-patching. In some instances, our engineer may carry out drain excavation. The latter is generally a measure of last resort given the associated cost and hassle of digging up your land.


Check your home insurance policy

Before work begins we urge you to check if drain repairs is covered under your policy of home insurance. If you own a new home (less than ten years’ old) please check the terms of your guarantee. Before works begin we provide you with a quote. This allows you to control costs from the outset.

Your insurer may request sight of this quote before it decides to indemnity you for these costs.


Preventative measures

Perhaps the best solution for drain repair is prevention. Take advantage of our drainage service contact. Here an engineer travels to your property to carry out planned maintenance on your drains, usually at bi-yearly intervals.

The means you avoid the disrupting synonymous with drain blockages. Under this contract, a Quinn Developments engineer travels to your property twice a year and carries out drain servicing. This includes drain jetting and a thorough inspection of your drains. Drain maintenance is particularly advis

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