Blocked Drains Liverpool are a common problem for homeowners and can be caused by a wide range of factors, large and small. Luckily, Quinn Developments is on hand to provide expert drain unblocking in Liverpool and Wirral, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure your systems are thoroughly cleaned and repaired to the highest possible standards.

Identifying a blockage is usually straightforward. You may notice:

  • Your sink, toilet, shower or bath isn’t draining properly
  • You hear gurgling noises when your facilities are emptying
  • The level of water in your toilet is noticeably higher or lower than it should be
  • You detect a bad smell in your home which is coming from behind the walls or underneath flooring

Some problems may clear on their own, but leaving an obstruction for too long can potentially result in serious damage to your system, the structure of your property and even your health. Contact us today on 0151 345 6551today to chat about your needs and we’ll make sure your pipes are quickly restored to peak performance.


High-Pressure Water Jetting

One of the most effective ways to clear Blocked Drains Liverpool is with high pressure jetting equipment. Providing a powerful deep-clean that’s almost impossible to achieve by any other means, high-pressure water jetting can combat most of the most common causes of drainage congestion, from soft silt to hard-set cement. Our specialist drains team employs advanced hydraulic apparatus to break up waste materials and ensure your system is completely flushed through. High pressure jetting equipment can be used as a one-off solution to clear blockages, or regularly as part of a pre-emptive maintenance program.


Root Cutting

If you’re encountering regular drainage problems, you may well find that trees lie at the ‘root’ of the problem. Root infestations are a common hazard for homeowners and can contribute significantly to the overall deterioration of your property’s pipes.

Removing root-related blocked drains Liverpool is relatively easy, but to prevent re-occurrences it’s best to employ a rigorous combination of intensive cleaning and root cutting. Our drain unblocking team is highly experienced in removing active plant networks with cutting-edge hydraulic equipment. We then follow up by carrying out any necessary repairs, to ensure your system remains fully functional for years to come.


Electro-Mechanical Cleaning

When the causes of blocked drains in Liverpool are robust, an equally robust solution is required to solve the problem. Electromechanical cleaning is an intensive, yet cost-effective, method of removing stubborn obstructions by employing a combination of motor-driven drain rotation, water flushing, and high-speed cutters. Whatever the problem, our team of Liverpool drains unblocking specialists are equipped with the equipment and expertise to tackle it head-on, from delicate domestic drainage issues to large-scale industrial obstructions.

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How much does drain unblocking cost?

If drains require unblocking, we charge a standard fee of £65. This fee also includes VAT. In return for this amount, we supply 1 hour of labour. Work will be carried out by a qualified drainage engineer. If work requires more than 1 hour to put right, we shall discuss this with you before work is carried out. This gives you the opportunity to either agree with the likely fee or reject the fee before work begins.

Unlike most other companies, we won’t hit you with a massive call-out fee.

What’s the most common cause of blocked drains in Liverpool?

By far the most common cause of blocked drains in Liverpool is a build-up of waste
within drain pipes. This waste typically includes toilet rolls, garden leaves, gravel, stones and baby wipes. Nappies are also a very common cause of blocked drains. This occurs when people attempt to dispose of nappies by flushing them down the toilet. You can avoid blocked drains by placing such items in the bin.

How do I pay for having my drains unblocked?

You may pay for our services by paying cash to our engineer when he arrives at your property. Alternatively, you may pay using a credit or debit card by contacting our head office. We require payment immediately when your drains are unblocked.

If you require commercial drain maintenance, you may pay via direct debit or standing order.

Will high powered water jetting cause any damage to my drains?

Whilst it’s true that water jetting is incredibly powerful, it’s also untrue to say that this process will damage your drains in any way. Our engineers are highly trained. This means our engineers are able to apply water jetting in a controlled and moderated manner.  Water jetting equipment is fitted with a throttled peddle. This allows our engineer to judiciously apply pressure as needed. Water jetting allows our engineer to remove the build-up of fat, tree roots, and household waste items with relative ease.

Does drain jetting equipment draw water from my water supply?

The answer to this question is yes. Drain jetting equipment requires a large volume of water. It is impossible for our engineers to transport this volume of water in our vans. When our engineer arrives, drain jetting equipment will connect to your water supply. We typically connect equipment to an outside tap. If the blockage is located within your home, equipment may be connected to an internal tap located in your kitchen or your bathroom.

How is it possible for drain jetting equipment to remove a blockage?

Our state-of-the-art drain jetting equipment removes drain blockages applying immense pressure to the matter that’s causing the blockage. Water is expelled through a specially designed nozzle. When water is expelled, the hose is propelled through your drains. The drain engineer directs the hose.  When the nozzle located at the site of the blockage, immense water pressure will break down the material causing the blockage. This unwanted material will become dislodged so that it enters the outside sewer system.  Water flow is restored. Our engineer will provide you with useful tips to help you avoid this situation in the future.

Will I still need to pay if my drains have collapsed?

If your drains have collapsed, drain jetting will not provide the solution you seek. Instead, you will require drain relining or drain replacement. These services are more costly compared to mere drain jetting. If drains require relining or replacing, you will still need to pay for the time it took to diagnose the problem.

What’s the difference between drain cleaning and drain unblocking?

When drains are blocked, there is a definitive cause of the blockage. Our engineer is thus required to locate the source and location of the blockage. Our engineer will then apply a variety of techniques in removing the blockage. When the blockage is removed, the flow of water leaving your property will be restored.

In contrast, drain cleaning is merely a maintenance service. Drain cleaning is typically recommended for businesses or public bodies. Domestic homeowners are instead recommended to avoid exposing their drains to objects that are likely to cause blocked drains Liverpool.  If your home is many years old, you may still benefit from drain cleaning. Drain cleaning will act to remove the build-up of grease, silt and fat that’s accumulated over the years.

Do you require manhole access in order to clean my drains?

It is not essential that our engineer has access to a manhole in order to unblock your drains, although having access to a manhole clearly helps. If you do not have access to a manhole, our engineer will explore alternative ways of accessing your drains in order to remove a blockage.

How may I prevent blocked drains in Liverpool in future?

Having blocked drains is clearly an inconvenience you could do without. It’s thus important for you to avoid attempting to dispose of objects and certain liquids by throwing them down the toilet or sink. This includes fats, oils, hair, nappies, baby wipes and other such items.

One of the most common causes of blocked drains are ‘flushable’ wipes. Although the packaging will state that these are flushable, we regularly come across drains which have been blocked purely from them.

But if it’s too late, our fully qualified engineers have been leaders in the drainage industry for over a decade – whether you are dealing with blocked sinks or you just need us to identify why you have a blocked toilet, we’ll clear your drainage system for you with no hassle.

For more information on our domestic and commercial drain unblocking services contact us on 0151 345 6551, or alternatively, submit your enquiry here.