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How to Prevent Blocked Drains

How to Prevent Blocked Drains

Everyone, at some point, comes across problems with their drains. Blocked drains can stop waste water from leaving your house, and when the waste water is blocked and backs up it can come out of plug holes and the toilet and could flood your home. Home owners spend millions of pounds each year clearing blockages from their household drains. However, most of the time those issues could have been avoided. We listed a few ways to avoid getting blocked drains, to help ensure your pipes remain unblocked and in good working order.

Rule 1: Drains are not designed to deal with anything else than water

A lot of people forget that drains are made to get rid of water in your sinks, and not food or other waste. When you wash any dishes remember to remove all the leftovers off the plate before commencing with your task.

Rule 2: Don’t forget, a guard can come in handy

If you want to ensure that no waste matter enters your sink, a plug hole guard could come in handy. Nothing other than water should make it through your pipes and it’s easy for remnants of food to slip through the plug hole, you are much better off investing in a guard to help prevent unwanted debris from entering the pipe.

Rule 3: Run hot water through the plug hole after each use

Hot water can keep oils running down the drain, rather than setting in the pipe and building up in the interior of the pipe. If grease and oil set, it can make drains slow and lead to a blockage. Grease and oil blockages can also cause unpleasant small  to emanate from your drain.

Rule 4: Don’t often use chemical drain unblocker too often

An issue that has often been overlooked is the fact that chemicals can be corrosive so using drain unblocker frequently could be damaging your pipes. The chemicals can cause a decomposition of your drains, which can lead to leakage.

Maintaining your drain is not a challenging task. You can save a large amount of money over the years by being smart about how you use and maintain your drains.

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Published on: February 1, 2018